Oliver McGowan Campaign


A leaflet version of this article was sent around to GP practice staff around 20-Nov-2023.

In 2016, Oliver's Campaign was born, following his tragic death in an NHS hospital. The campaign is led by Oliver's mother, Paula McGowan OBE, who believes that all health and social care staff need appropriate and meaningful training to help them to understand people who have a learning disability and autistic people.

In 2018, Paula launched a parliamentary petition to address this need, gaining over 56,000 signatures. The petition was successfully debated cross-party and as a result, in November 2019, the government published 'Right to be heard', its response to the consultation on proposals for introducing mandatory learning disability and autism training for health and social care staff.

The response included a commitment to developing a standardised training package. The training draws on existing best practice, the expertise of people with a learning disability, autistic people and family carers as well as subject matter experts.

The government has introduced, from 1 July 2022, a requirement for CQC registered service providers to ensure their employees receive learning disability and autism training appropriate to their role. This is to ensure the health and social care workforce have the right skills and knowledge to provide safe, compassionate and informed care to autistic people and people with a learning disability. This requirement is set out in the Health and Care Act 2022.

About the Training

The Oliver McGowan Mandatory Training on Learning Disability and Autism (OMMT) is codelivered by trainers with lived experience of learning disability and autism, as well as approved trainers.

The OMMT is the government's preferred and recommended training and is recognised by national bodies advising on standards for the health and care sector. The consistent content and delivery means it is transferable between employers.

The OMMT on Learning Disability and Autism comes in two Tiers of training. Staff will undertake Tier 1 or Tier 2, depending on their role:

  • Tier 1 of the OMMT on Learning Disability and Autism is for people who require general awareness of the support autistic people or people with a learning disability may need.
  • Tier 2 of the OMMT on Learning Disability and Autism is for people who may need to provide care and support for autistic people or people with a learning disability.

It has been deemed that all staff working in primary care fall into the Tier 2 category.

Therefore all staff will be required to complete the OMMT on e-learning for health. This is now available to complete, please follow the steps in the next section. There will then be a 1 day face to face training event that will be co-delivered by a person with learning disabilities, an autistic person, and an approved trainer

Breakdown of the Tiers of Oliver McGowan Training

The Next Steps

From 20th November 2023 it is a requirement for all primary care staff to complete their e-learning for health module. This must be completed before anyone can access the 1 day face to face training. We have designed an area on the South East London Workforce Development Hub's website where all staff can upload their certificate for easy collation.

Please follow the below steps to access the e-Learning for Health modules:

Step-by-step guide for completing the e-lfh Oliver McGowan e-Learning

Once you have completed the e-lfh modules, download and save your certificates.

and head over to your profile to upload your certificates here.

Once you have uploaded your certificate we will collate this data and invite all those who have completed the e-Learning for health training to the face to face session.

These sessions are still in development but once finalised you will be notified on how to access and book a place.

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