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Training Hubs, previously known as CEPNs, are commissioned and supported by Health Education England as networks of education and service providers based in the community, established in 2015. They are tasked with increasing capacity for future workforce training in the community and the development of current and future workforce around the needs of a geographically defined population.

Expectation from training hubs is to work across boundaries to educate multidisciplinary workforce, transform education training and retention to meet the needs of the population served, provide financial framework and quality assurance whilst aiming to cover the whole ICS/STP area.

Working with South East London Workforce Development Hub, our priority areas of work are student placements in primary care, ongoing Continuous Professional Development for nursing and AHP staff, developing GP and GPN SPIN/New to Fellowship, Trainee Nursing Associate programme and non-clinical staff training programmes. Training Hub also supports the Protected Learning Time events and Nursing staff Forum taking place every month.

List of current projects programme/ courses on offer:

  • GPN Academic / Foundation offer
  • GP and GPN SPIN / New-to-practice Fellowship
  • Physician Associate - Preceptorship Support

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Upcoming PLT Events

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Past PLT Events

PLT EventResourcesWatch the event
April 2024 - Adult and Child Safeguarding Level 3 (Feedback form)
March 2024 - Diabetes Update
Febraury 2024 - Ethnic Health InequalityPresentation
January 2024 - LD and Autism (Certificate)PresentationWatch on Livestorm
October 2023 - Respiratory (Certificate)PresentationWatch on YouTube
September 2023 - Safeguarding Children Level 3 (Certificate)PresentationWatch on YouTube
June 2023 - Adult Safeguarding Level 3 (Certificate)Key Contacts for Safeguarding AdultsWatch on YouTube
May 2023 - CYP including CYP Mental Health (Certificate)PresentationWatch on YouTube
April 2023 - Welcome back - F2F Event at Millwall
March 2023 - Cardiology, Diabetes, CKD Guidelines from Clinical Effectiveness Team (Certificate)PresentationWatch on YouTube
February 2023 - Trans Health, LGBTQ+ Health Inequalities and Sexual Health Update (Certificate)PresentationWatch on YouTube
January 2023 - Dermatology Update (Certificate)Watch on YouTube
June 2022 - Child Safeguarding Level 3 (Certificate)
May 2022 - Cancer Update (Certificate)Presentation
March 2022 - CYP Service Delivery in Southwark's PCNs (Certificate)Presentation