What We Do

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South East London Workforce Development Hub, formerly South East London Training Hub was formed in 2020 when Health Education England (HEE) asked borough training hubs to work together and form an ICS level entity. The aim of this was to ensure "the primary care workforce of today and tomorrow are trained in the right numbers, have the necessary skills, NHS values and behaviours."

We work closely with HEE, now NHS Workforce, Training and Education (NHS WTE) as well as our South East London Integrated Care System (SEL ICS) to provide workforce planning, student and other learner placement capacity and training and education for general practice staff across the six boroughs (Bexley, Bromley, Greenwich, Lambeth, Lewisham, and Southwark).

All six boroughs have a “locality” Training Hub providing closer working relationships with practices, PCNs and other providers within their boroughs and we work together to look after the training and development needs of all six boroughs.

Our offer is constantly expanding and developing so please browse the website to see what we have on offer currently, and if you can't find something, just

Our Vision

We see our purpose to be to “create and maintain a fit and equipped workforce for Primary Care in SEL”

How we support the Primary Care workforce in SEL:

Our Strategy

Our strategy centers around making PCNs in South East London the best place to work and the best place to learn.

We do this by supporting PCNs in the following ways:


Our dedicated Education Team support the academic development of primary care staff by creating, delivering and evaluating a range of educational programmes.


We offer workforce planning support through the SLF & GPIP Offer. We also offer bespoke support for practices / PCNs. Fellowships for GPs and GPNs are also available.

Ensuring Quality

We support practices and PCNs to ensure that the quality of education and training is high. We also support practices to become accredited learning environments, and ensuring supervision is of high quality.

Supporting Placements & Programmes

We provide a link between local HEIs and PCNs to facilitate multiprofessional primary care placemenets, including the GPN GP Route Programme. We also support other funded programmes, such as GPN Academic, Non-Medical Prescribing and Advanced Practice.

Organisational Development

We aim to improve the cross-organisational communication and engagement of PCNs around South East London. We also support data and business intelligence around primary care.

Our Partners

We work closely with stakeholders across the SEL health and social care landscape, including:

  • SEL Integrate Care Board (SEL ICB)
  • Place-based commissioners (borough Primary Care Teams)
  • NHS Workforce, Training and Education (NHS WTE)
  • GP Practices across SEL
  • Primary Care Networks (PCNs) across SEL
  • Care Homes
  • Secondary Care providers
  • Community Care providers
  • Local Higher Education Institutes
  • Voluntary Sector Services
  • GP Federations
  • Local Dental, Pharmacy and Optical Committees