Urgent Care Community of Practice

A peer learning collaborative, supporting cross-institutional learning and sharing of best practices in urgent care.

Welcome to the South East London Community of Practice for Urgent Care

What is a Community of Practice (CoP)

A community of practice is a peer-learning collaborative, supporting cross-institutional, cross-hierarchical and interprofessional learning. CoPs are not limited by formal structures and aim to encourage collaboration across geographical and organisational boundaries. The formation of this CoP will be hugely beneficial to the SE London UTC workforce.

What we do

As part of this community we will be running live and recorded webinars on a monthly basis. These will be 20-30 minute talks on common UTC presentations, providing clinical updates from local experts in their fields. Sign up below for upcoming webinars.

We will also be hosting face to face events (soon to be announced). These facilitated half day events will provide an opportunity for shared learning, strengthen clinical decision making, provide peer support and encourage innovation.

Why join us


Connect with like-minded individuals who share your commitment to improving local urgent care services


Dive into creative brainstorming sessions, workshops, and collaborative projects that encourage out-of-the-box thinking and exciting strategies.


Witness the tangible impact of your contributions as we collectively implement innovative approaches to patient experience and care.


For those that wish to learn a little bit more about CoP in general here are some useful links to further resources