Support Level Framework (SLF)

A diagnostic tool to help practices identify their development needs and support options

The SEL Support Level Framework(SLF) is a diagnostic tool used to support you in identifying your practices development needs. This is used to help gain an understanding of what you do well, what you wish to do better, and your current barriers. This helps to understand where your practice might benefit from more local support.

The SLF includes an assessment following a national template and a facilitated meeting with members of the SEL Workforce Development Hub (experienced practice manager and clinician) and the tool generates a graphical summary of your current and desired position against six domains. The practice will also receive a data-pack that is developed by our team for you to use for reference against these areas.

The domains of the SLF tool include:

  1. Supporting Access to the right person or service
  2. Quality and Safety
  3. Leadership and Culture
  4. Stakeholder Engagement
  5. Workforce
  6. Indicative Data

The exercise allows practices to identify their priorities, plan improvements and access elements of the GP improvement support offer. The outcome documents from the SLF can be used by the practice to evidence quality improvement activity.

Our work through the SLF highlights themes across SEL for the training hubs and ICB to address within their locality. It is important to note completion of the tool requires an open and trusting conversation between the facilitators and the practice for the exercise to be successful. The practice will receive quarterly follow-up calls with their local training hub to review their priority areas, share resources and implement improvements.

The SLF offer has been found to be a valuable and insightful support tool for practices and their teams.

For bookings and queries you can contact the Support Level Framework team on

The SEL Workforce Development Hub SLF core team include:

  • Carla Michalska (SEL WDH Practice Management Lead)
  • Colin Stears (SEL WDH Practice Management Lead)
  • Dr Rebecca Whitnall (SEL WDH SLF GP Clinical Lead)
  • Dr Natasha Hoare (SEL WDH Director of Education and Workforce)
  • Dr Kim Nurse (SEL WDH Practice Development Fellow)