Asthma Resources for CYP and Families

Resources for primary care staff to share with children and young people with asthma and their families

What is asthma?

Asthma and My ChildA guide for parentsAsthma UK
Easy Read All About AsthmaAsthma UK
More asthma resourcesIncluding easy read Attack Card and Inhalers CardAsthma UK
Supporting families and children with asthmaMultiple resources, including videos and leaflets, for parents and childrenBeat Asthma
Supporting young people with asthmaMultiple resources, including videos and leaflets, for young peopleBeat Asthma
What is asthma?A video and leaflets explaining what cases asthmaTransformation Partners in Health and Care
FilmShort videos about asthma careTransformation Partners in Health and Care

Inhaler Technique

How to Use an Inhaler ProperlyVideo guides on different types of inhalersAsthma UK
Inhaler and SpacersVideo guides on lots of different types of spacersRightBreathe
How to give inhalers to a young child or babyHewitson: The Hands-on Guide to Practical Paediatrics
Asthma Inhalers and the Environment (A5 print version)NHSE London CYP Pharmacy Asthma Group

Peak Flow

Peak flowLearn how to test your peak flow, what scores mean and how it can help with managing asthmaAsthma UK
Symptom Management after an Asthma Attack and using a Peak Flow MeterFor after an asthma attackBeat Asthma and London Asthma Leadership Group

Management Plans

Your Asthma Action PlanLearn about action plans, how they help and how you can get one.Asthma UK
Viral Induced WheezeGuide for Parents with space to adapt puffer dosageNHS (adapted for SEL)
Personal Viral Induced Wheeze Action PlanNHS (adapted for SEL) Managing your child's asthma
A video and resources for parents about their child's asthmaTransformation Partners in Health and Care
Manage your child's asthma wellSteps for parents to manage the child's asthmaAsthma + Lung UK
What to do if your child is having an asthma attackA checklist of action stepsTransformation Partners in Health and Care

Prevention and Triggers

Prevention and triggersInformation about asthma triggersTransformation Partners in Health and Care

Air Pollution

Clean Air Knowledge Hub for the Health SectorDownloadable leaflets and poster to give to CYP and their families about air
Air pollutionShare with CYP and families to help them learn more about pollutionAsthma + Lung UK
Daily Air Quality IndexYou can give this link to CYP and families so they can check the air quality locally.Defra, UK

Useful Information

How Can I Tell if my Inhaler is EmptyBeat Asthma
Asthma Attack Risk CheckerFor people aged over 12 - only takes a few minutesAsthma UK
Education and resourcesA range of resources and support for parents and carersTransformation Partners in Health and Care