Basic Life Support

Basic Life Support training for Primary Care

At the South East London Workforce Development Hub, we proudly offer access to Little Anne, the BLS (Basic Life Support) manikin, located at our office. Little Anne serves as an essential tool for CPR (Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation) training, aligning with the recommendations set forth by the Resuscitation Council.

The Resuscitation Council advises that individuals undergo at least one face-to-face BLS training session per year (F2F is ideal), OR a virtual session through platforms such as e-lfh. Additionally, the council advocates for the adoption of low-dose, high-frequency training sessions to ensure the maintenance of high-quality CPR skills. Research indicates that without regular practice, individuals may experience skill degradation within three months of training.

Understanding the critical importance of continuous skill rehearsal, each Borough training hub is equipped with six adult manikins, alongside one junior and one baby manikin.

Utilising Little Anne is straightforward and efficient. Learners are encouraged to download the QCPR App, accessible via Laerdal Medical, and follow the provided instructions. Upon activation, the app provides real-time feedback on compression quality, facilitating skill enhancement and ensuring adherence to guidelines. Our aim is to achieve excellence in CPR performance, with a target score of 100%. While initial attempts may yield slightly lower scores, consistent practice allows participants to refine their technique and achieve optimal results.

Furthermore, the software integrated with Little Anne is designed to remain guideline-compliant and undergo continuous updates to align with evolving regulatory requirements and technological innovations. This commitment ensures that learners receive training that reflects the latest standards and best practices in CPR.

In conclusion, the South East London Workforce Development Hub is dedicated to providing accessible, high-quality CPR training through the utilisation of resources like Little Anne. By embracing technology and adhering to best practices, we aim to empower individuals with the skills and confidence necessary to respond effectively in emergency situations.