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Confident COPD Management in Primary Care

About the event

This study day gives you a foundation knowledge in COPD and is suitable for beginners and those needing an update. This is NOT the equivalent to undertaking a course in managing patients with COPD in your practice. You will revise the respiratory system and gain a better understanding of how the condition of COPD impacts on this and on the body more systemically. You will learn about the impact of COPD as an inflammatory condition on other comorbid conditions. Other areas covered include:

  1. How do we assess for correct diagnosis?
  2. Overview of diagnosis and treatment guidelines including NICE and GOLD
  3. What does a good COPD review look like? Comorbid condition awareness
  4. Smoking, depression scoring, inhaler technique, nutrition
  5. Personalised action plans (PAPs)
  6. Treatment – stepping up and stepping down
  7. Responsible prescribing
  8. Emergency care – are rescue packs appropriate?
  9. End of life planning

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