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Vaccination, Immunisation and Injection Technique for beginners

This course is for practitioners new to vaccination:

About the event

This is a 2 day course:

Day 1: Wednesday 14-Aug-2024

Day 2: Thursday 15-Aug-2024

Both days must be attended to receive a certificate . After you have attended day 1 you will be invited to attend day 2 .

This course is for practitioners new to vaccinating.

Day One covers:

  • History of Vaccination and Immunisation
  • Challenges of vaccine hesitancy and dispelling myths
  • Overview of UK bodies involved with vaccination and policy.
  • How do Vaccines work with the immune system
  • Types of vaccines
  • PGD/PSD and legal requirements
  • Anaphylaxis
  • Storage and Cold Chain

Day Two covers:

  • Injection Technique
  • UK Childhood Vaccination programme overview
  • Incomplete Vaccinations
  • Travel discussion – signposting
  • Consent
  • Safeguarding

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