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About the event

For people wanting to undertake phlebotomy

Whole days training covering

  • What is phlebotomy.

  • Why we undertake phlebotomy

  • Safe phlebotomy procedure including basic anatomy and physiology , and draw technique

  • Equipment detail and how to assemble and use

  • Infection prevention and control

  • What goes in what bottle

  • Order of tests taken

  • Labelling and documentation

  • Overcoming difficult veins

    Practical afternoon where learners will be encouraged to attempt technique in simulated set up – small groups working together on a simulation arm , supervised practice and help solving any concerns – with the aim that learners will feel confident with the correct procedure to apply tourniquet and palpate the veins  and be successful on the simulated arm .

Finish with policies and protocols , needlestick injuries care of the patient post phlebotomy, competency booklets and guidance re supervised practice

All learners MUST have a nominated supervisor who will assess their practice and sign off their competency booklets

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