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GP Route Nursing Pathway

An undergraduate nursing programme aimed at the unique challenges facing general practice. Delivered by the University of Greenwich and directed and supported by South East London Workforce Development Hub.

Structure of the programme

As with most Nursing degrees, students will undertake 50% academic work and 50% practical, spread over placements and simulated practice. Unlike the traditional nursing pathways, up to 75% of the placements students undertake will be set in a General Practice or PCN. This creates an environment where students are learning relevant skills and knowledge specific to practice nursing.

Hosting a GP Route Student Nurse

We believe consistency is key! Therefore, we ask that students are hosted in one PCN for the majority of their placements in the same practice or PCN. Through being hosted in one practice or PCN, the student absorbs the ethos of the practice, learns the relevant skills, creates relationships and build trust with the team.

The idea is that, by the end of programme, you have grown your own practice nurse! A qualified nurse who has the basic skills and understanding of how practice nurses - and, more importantly, your practice - operate.

How does it work?

Year 1

During their first year of placements, students will have 2-3 placements in their host PCN. To gain a broader understanding of PCNs operate, we advise that students rotate around the PCN. This will expose them to more member of the multidisciplinary team and help develop a deeper understanding of the primary care environment. Students should have one NMC-approved Practice Assessor(PA) who will complete their initial and final interview. They can have several NMC-approved Practice Supervisors(PS) who update the PA on their progress or any concerns that need to be raised

Year 2

During their second year you won't see them much! The majority of their placements will be in a hospital setting, attending surgical or medical wards.

Year 3

In Year 3 the student will come back to you for their final year, which includes their managerial placement. During this time they will consolidate their learning, and may be able to run their own clinics with indirect supervision.


After successful completion of the programme they will receive their NMC pin (normally around September-October) and can commence their career as a GPN! They will be able to immediately apply for the Fundamentals of Practice Nursing or General Practice Academic course. Both courses are front loaded with cervical screening and childhood immunisations.


At this point, you have successfully grown your own GPN and made your workforce more sustainable