Mandatory Training

All primary care staff must complete a set of mandatory training. These must be updated regularly to comply with CQC and NHS standards.

Why is training necessary?

  • It is vitally important to deliver safe and high-quality care and treatment.
  • Providers must equip their staff to do their jobs.
  • If professionals are asked to work outside their normal scope of practice, this must not be against their will.
  • Healthcare workers should not be expected to take on activity that they have not been trained to do or do not have the skills for.
  • Therefore, providers may need to offer training or development to ensure their staff have up-to-date skills and knowledge.
  • Providers must take reasonable steps to support their staff, so that both patients and practice staff are safe.

What training do we have to do?

The CQC do not provide a definitive list of mandatory training. However, these are some examples of training that they would expect to see evidence of:

The CQC could ask you to demonstrate training for clinical staff linked to their specific clinical responsibilities. It is vital that we keep all our staff up-to-date to ensure quality and maintain our core values.

The CQC will always look at whether your staff are trained and up-to-date with the relevant and current knowledge to carry out their tasks at work.

Releasing your staff to go on training updates is a necessity.

Please remember to take a look at our Courses page where many of these courses may be offered.